Why use Efficient Energy Solutions rather than dealing directly with the supplier?

Many natural gas and electric suppliers in our region maintain a local sales force while other suppliers elect to control their expenses by utilizing independent sales agents.  Efficient Energy Solutions has agreements with both types of suppliers.  Even with suppliers that have a local sales presence, Efficient Energy Solutions secures very competitive pricing due to our aggregated client portfolio.  All of our suppliers know that we issue multiple RFPs, so when our suppliers submit their proposals, they quote as aggressively as they can — enabling us to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

Although initial pricing is important, Efficient Energy Solutions provides many other services (such as market analysis, and multiple offers for review) that can lower your energy costs.  Finally, as suppliers come and go to the market and change their terms, Efficient Energy Solutions can simplify the process of choosing a new supplier, allowing you to dedicate more of your time to actually running your business.

What do I need to do to receive a pricing proposal?

For a proposal on natural gas, either mail or fax the past 12 months of your natural gas utility bills.

For a proposal on your electric needs, click this link to download our LOA. Complete the form, then send by mail, by email (attach scanned image), or by fax, along with a copy of your most recent complete monthly utility bill. If you have questions, please call 412-851-1756.

Mail to:
Efficient Energy Solutions
P.O. Box 12644
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Email to:

Or fax to: 412-851-1208.

Efficient Energy Solutions will request pricing from several suppliers and present you with the pricing, terms and estimated cost savings analysis. Follow this link to get started!


At your request, we will gladly recommend a package that will best serve your needs.  Call us today to learn how we’ve helped others and how we can help you save on your energy needs. To learn more, or to get started today call 412-851-1756.