Efficient Energy Solutions helps you manage your Electricity costs.

We track the market, and analyze all pertinent data specific to your needs, to provide a solid foundation for decision-making and optimal management of your electric energy expenditures.

  • Save time and money by utilizing our experience and buying power to secure competitive offers
  • Receive multiple offers, enabling us to leverage suppliers against one another to obtain the best deal for you
  • Benefit from the added value of our invoice audit and budget preparation services
  • Gain the benefits resulting from our competent market analysis for pricing stability


Efficient Energy Solutions provides options for reducing your electric costs.

  1. Efficient Energy Solutions shops your profile / requirements to multiple suppliers to find the supplier and offer that is the best fit for your business / organization.
  2. Efficient Energy Solutions can recommend suppliers that offer a product that will improve your Power Factor.  Most electric companies charge a penalty for inefficient Power Factors.  Installing this equipment will lower your electric costs and provide additional surge prevention for your equipment.


To get started, click this link to download our LOA. Complete the form, then send by mail, by email (attach scanned image), or by fax, along with a copy of your most recent complete monthly utility bill. If you have questions, please call 412-851-1756.

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