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Michael Polosky, President

Michael Polosky, President

Mike Polosky, founder of Efficient Energy Solutions, has worked in the deregulated natural gas industry for over 15 years, in the deregulated electric industry since 2008, and in demand response since 2009. Over the years he has established many long-term relationships by dedicating his efforts in the best interests of each of his customers.

His commitment to exceptional service is the prevailing factor in his approach to business, and that to which he attributes his record of success.  Mike understands the value of a good vendor-client relationship.  “It is much easier to do whatever it takes to keep a client happy and foster a long-term relationship than it is to obtain new clients.  If I provide the best service in the industry, everything else takes care of itself.”

Mike’s industry experience, knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and dedication to customer service has enabled him to consistently help his clients realize substantial savings on energy expenditures.

Michael Polosky, President
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